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Villa Progreso Children's Baseball Academy receives sports supplies

In support of sports and the healthy recreation of the capital's children and youth, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, delivered sports supplies to the team of the Villa Progreso Children's Baseball Academy.

With this delivery of sports materials, the 13 baseball academies of the Managua Mayor's Office are provided with gloves, bats, balls, catcher's equipment, base sets, among other supplies, for the training of future promises of the beautiful game. .

“In this month of November we are full of joy, delivering more and more sports supplies to Nicaraguan children and youth, by instructions of the main athlete of Nicaragua, Commander Daniel Ortega and by recommendations of Compañera Rosario, who always supports sports. children's sports, men's and women's sports and all the different disciplines, we are in one of the best-known fields in our Managua and where their coach, Roger Marín, does an excellent job,” shared Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

The municipality's academies have qualified instructors, including former First Division Baseball players, as well as excellent psychologists who provide care to young athletes.

“Happy and content, because the work is being done, the Government has done its important part, the parents too, they have a responsibility. Here in Villa Progreso there was no school, now we have come to build it, we have between 80 to 90 children, we are working with 15-year-old boys and the children are happy with the support that the Government gives, which is vital," said the instructor. from the Roger Marín academy.

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