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Students receive environmental education with the “Floating Schools” Project

The Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), carried out the “Floating Schools” Project in Puerto Salvador Allende for the third consecutive year, in which students from 8 educational centers participated, with the aim of strengthening the values and knowledge about the care of water resources.

During the activity, a tour of Lake Xolotlán was carried out, where fourth grade students were taught wastewater treatment plants, while experts in the field shared talks and educational practices.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, said that the “Floating Schools” Project has been very strategic, because it has allowed the development of different programs and projects in Managua.

“It is an environmental program that comes comprehensively, from the schools, to teach the children, 651 students, from these 8 schools and to take that message to the families, their parents and siblings about how we should treat and conserve our natural resources. ”Porras noted.

Tomoyuki Odani, JICA representative, stated that the environmental education activity is for school children to enrich their knowledge and learn the importance of caring for Lake Xolotlán.

“Knowing water resources through a microscope, we will no longer be throwing garbage into the streets, but throwing it away instead. If they throw garbage in the street, with the rains it is brought here and we are contaminating our beautiful lake,” Odani expressed.

The educational centers that participated in this educational journey were the San Sebastián school, Solidaridad, José Ramón Suárez, Tomás Borge Martínez, Barriletes de Colores, Benito Juárez, Pablo Antonio Cuadra and República de Canada.

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