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Managua remembers the Heroes and Martyrs on the Day of the Faithful Dead

This Thursday, November 2, the date on which All Souls' Day is commemorated, capital authorities paid tribute to the Heroes and Martyrs of the Revolution, whose remains rest in the General and Peripheral Cemetery of Managua.

The heroes and martyrs Julio Buitrago, Camilo Ortega, Bismarck Martínez, Eduardo Contreras, Domitila Lugo, the 23 young people of San José de las Mulas, as well as the victims of the 1972 earthquake were remembered.

The laying of wreaths was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales and the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who expressed solidarity with the mothers of the heroes and with the families who visit their loved ones in the different cemeteries of the capital.

"We always remember them, we carry them in our hearts, in our minds and today on this day we walk with great affection, respect, also a huge hug to the families of our heroes and martyrs who rest in this Periférico cemetery," said the Mayoress.

In addition, he shared the cleaning and ornamentation work that was carried out in the cemeteries of Managua, to safely receive the thousands of capital residents.

"We coordinate, our Good Government through different institutions such as the United Firefighters, the Ministry of Health, our National Police, the different district delegations, the Directorate of Ornaments, of Infrastructure, all united to keep our cemeteries clean, We are very fondly waiting for more than 8 thousand brothers and sisters,” added Rueda.

The mothers of Heroes and Martyrs felt rejoiced and proud, for this well-deserved tribute to their children who fought for a free homeland and because their dreams today are a reality, as stated by Isabel Romero, mother of the hero and martyr Elvis Díaz Romero.

"As a mother we feel satisfied to see that the youth are paying tribute to our fallen children and with our Government that is always present, we feel happy because all their dreams have come true, for everything they fought for, we have hospitals, free health, studies, for us it is a joy, a satisfaction to see our progress, with our President and our Companion, who are attentive to everything,” said Romero.

For the maintenance of the cemeteries, the municipality allocates one million córdobas, but in the months of May and October more resources are expanded, because they are months in which visits increase, as in the case of the General and Periférico cemeteries.

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