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Preliminary draft of the Municipal Budget is presented to families of District VI

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, November 1, the citizen consultation process was developed for the Preliminary Draft of the Municipal General Budget and its 2024 Annual Investment Plan, with the families of District VI of the capital.

The advisory council was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed that each of the budgets reflects this direct attention to the population “and these municipal councils are a political will, communication, which is direct democracy and Today we are going to be presenting the draft budget for the year 2024, where we see a historic draft, with more than 12 billion córdobas, exactly, 12,104 million córdobas, where the concerns that we have had from the population are reflected. .”

The 2024 municipal budget proposal has a growth of 26%, in relation to the previous year's projection; which represents the confidence of the people of Managua in the administration of the Citizen Power of Managua.

Likewise, it was announced that the proposal of the Annual Investment Plan, for District VI, contemplates the execution of 79 works, 24 developed by the district delegation, 55 by the General Directorate of Infrastructure, in addition, 13 environmental projects and 51 human development projects, as well as public cleaning work and maintenance of works, with an investment of 2,298 million córdobas, which will contribute to the safety and well-being of families in this sector.

Among the projects to be executed in this district, is the construction of a vehicular bridge in Villa Reconciliación Norte and another in Villa Progreso, the construction of 2 bridge boxes in the Santa Elena neighborhood; in addition to the lining of the second stage of the Américas 4 channel, Camilo Chamorro neighborhood sector, second stage of the Waspan channel, Walter Ferreti neighborhood sector and the ninth stage of the lining of the La Primavera channel, Villa Vallarta sector. District VI has a population of 162,504 inhabitants and is structured by 85 neighborhoods and one region.

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