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Residents of District V support Municipal Budget Proposal

Exercising the model of citizen power and direct communication with the population, the citizen consultation meeting on the Preliminary Draft of the General Municipal Income and Expenditure Budget and its 2024 Annual Investment Plan was held for the families of District V of Managua, in the afternoon this Monday, October 30, on the multipurpose field of the 14 de Septiembre school.

The 2024 Municipal Budget proposal is 12,104,277,475 córdobas, with a growth of 26% in relation to the previous year's projection, which demonstrates the confidence of Managuans in the administration of the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power.

This budget includes the execution of 518 projects, of which 223 road works, 103 storm drainage works, 12 environmental works, 14 water and sanitation works, 124 urban equipment works and 142 human development works.

During this Consultative Town Hall, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado expressed that the execution of each of the budgets has been a success, because the protagonists are taken into account, first of all, which is the permanent recommendation of Good Government.

"We can say that today, in Managua, vulnerability has been significantly reduced, especially in this winter season, now we see that we do not have major problems in the city, but that is due to the execution of large projects that have been In fact, through our budget,” shared the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, he announced that, in District V, 53 projects will be executed, 20 through the district delegation and 33 through the Infrastructure Directorate, with the aim of guaranteeing better living conditions for the families of this area.

Part of the projects proposed to be carried out in this district are road improvement, sanitary sewage and storm drainage works.

The population showed their support for this budget proposal and highlighted the importance of these meetings, “the town councils are very important, because they give us the opportunity for the community to express their feelings towards the Managua Mayor's Office, because they are the projects that come to directly benefit, which is the Grenada neighborhood, sector 17 and Pantasma, today we enjoy 90% of paved streets,” said resident Cristian Zapata of the Grenada neighborhood.

Likewise, said Jaqueline Martínez, residents of the 30 de Mayo neighborhood, “there are sewage projects, it is a huge project in 33 blocks of the 30 de Mayo neighborhood, something very wonderful that the population is satisfied and very happy.”

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