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Families from the San José neighborhood already enjoy their completely renovated Community House

A suitable place to carry out different social and cultural activities will be the families of the San José neighborhood, who together with the municipal authorities inaugurated, on the morning of this Friday, October 27, the remodeling of the Community House, which at the same time functions as a preschool, which provides comprehensive care to boys and girls in this community.

The important infrastructure benefits 3,000 residents of this sector, including more than 50 children, between the ages of 3 and 6, who receive initial education, reported the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

“Here we see new generations being formed, now in better conditions, guided by our Good Government, here we are having one more victory for our Revolution, one more victory that the families of the San José neighborhood have won, who today will have this House Communal,” said Porrras.

Among the works carried out are improvements to the electrical system, replacement of doors, toilets, windows, fences and gates, as well as the application of paint to the interior and exterior of the center, to the metal structure, drinking fountains, sinks, cyclone mesh, children's games, metal games and access platforms, which adds up to an investment of 400 thousand córdobas.

The families stated that a year ago this Community House did not provide the conditions it has today and they thanked the Sandinista Government, because their children will have greater comfort, "and hope to God that we take care of our Community House and take care of everything that is here, not destroy it, but rather see it beautiful,” said the protagonist, Nelda Artola.

Neftalí González, teacher at this Community Preschool, expressed that they are very happy, because now they have their own bathroom for the children, games, fans, lights, ceiling, “very happy, very grateful, because thank God we have this opportunity and our Good Government that has given us this support, so that they can move forward, because we know that every day and every year, they are the future.”

This rehabilitation also included the improvement of the sports field that is next to the Community House, for a total investment of 1.9 million córdobas, a space where children, young people and adults will be able to recreate healthily.

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