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Residents of District IV participate in a citizen consultation process to request more parks and streets

Hundreds of residents of District IV attended the consultation process, carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua at the Maestro Gabriel Institute, to present to the municipal authorities what projects their neighborhoods need.

The requests were presented after knowing the Draft Budget and the 2024 Annual Investment Plan, which will execute 581 projects once it is approved by the full Municipal Council. The areas that will be addressed are roads, storm drainage, sanitary sewage and mitigation projects. The budget amount for next year is a little more than 12,104 million córdobas.

“In our budget for next year we reflect the political will of our Good Government, to bring better living conditions to families, through each of the projects that we will carry out, the wisdom of our people is important to define the final budget , that is why we are consulting the families of District IV,” explained Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

For next year, the District IV Delegation plans to execute 12 projects (3 major works and 9 minor works), with an investment of 14 million córdobas and in Streets for the People 12 million córdobas will be invested, additionally in the construction of 19 new blocks of road network.

Jorge Quezada Gunera has lived in the Venezuela neighborhood for more than 50 years. For his community, it is necessary to have a park or a green area where kids can go and play.

“We don't have a recreation space for the kids, we don't have a park or a field, that neighborhood is 71 years old, before it was called Meneses and the kids have to play in the street, today that is our demand for a field where they can play” Quezada said.

"We congratulate the Mayor's Office for all the work it does to transform Managua, today we come to request that they improve the paving, the sidewalks and gutters, we are a young neighborhood, we have been in existence for 34 years, we want our streets to be beautiful, because we want to be the first creative neighborhood, there is still no creative neighborhood in Managua and we aim to be the first,” said César Augusto García Rosales, resident of the 21 de Febrero neighborhood.

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