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Children from the District V baseball academy receive sports equipment

With the aim of promoting and strengthening sports, the Managua Mayor's Office delivered sports equipment to the baseball academy of District V. With this delivery, children who practice at the El Dorado sports field will have better performance in their training.

“This idea of the mayor's office is so that children have a full life with fun and with all the necessary spaces, to be able to practice a sport. Today we are receiving bats and balls for three categories: the Pee Wee ball, the children's kenko A and the normal leather ball for the children's AA and youth double AA," explained the coach and coordinator of the academy, Juan Bosco García Díaz.

The delivery took place at the El Dorado sports field, in District V of the capital, with the presence of 66 children who train on this field, in four different categories, from Monday to Friday, from 2:00 to 5:00: 00 in the afternoon.

“We thank God for the life, the opportunities and the blessings that we have today, with the delivery of these sports materials, I also thank the coaches who from a very young age have taught us to play hard and be demanding. Many thanks to the Mayor's Office of Managua for these materials that will be very helpful to us,” commented Kenneth Aguirre, who has the dream of reaching the big leagues and has been practicing at this academy since he was 5 years old.

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