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Capital authorities respond to demands and proposals from the residents of District III

Exercising the right that the Citizen Power model offers them, residents of the different neighborhoods of District III, participated in the Consultative Town Hall that the municipal authorities held at the Melania Morales school, to present the Preliminary Draft of the General Municipal Income and Expenditure Budget and its Annual Investment Plan 2024.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado explained to attendees that the preliminary project reflects an investment of a little more than 12 billion córdobas, for all of Managua.

"We see the growth of the budget, right now we have a preliminary project with an amount of more than 12 billion córdobas, thank God we have a growing trust in the population, they see the difference between before and after reflected in the quality of life in the neighborhoods, with this budget once it is approved we will execute 518 projects, the most demanded program is Streets for the People and there we will have a significant investment, practically double what we are executing this year, since they are a just over 1,400 new streets, which we will be building by 2024,” indicated the capital city councilor.

Rueda highlighted that the success of the citizen consultation process lies in the fact that the municipality takes up all the suggestions and demands raised by the inhabitants, to enrich and improve the preliminary draft budget.

“Direct communication with the population is a practice that we have been doing since 2007, with our Good Government at the helm, Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario and through our Mayor's Office, resolving the concerns, the problems that exist in each of the neighborhoods and communities. Every year we carry out this consultation process and from there we build our final budget with the valuable contributions of the population,” stated Rueda.

Once the presentation of the projects that the commune proposes for next year is finished, the inhabitants presented to the Municipal Council the works that for them are of vital importance in their community.

“In the San Judas neighborhood we have new streets, we have new lights, but there are parts where the water does not reach, it only arrives at night, that is why we are here, so that our Government knows the situation and they can work so that we have water” said María Auxiliadora Ramírez, who has lived in the neighborhood for 51 years.

"The town councils are spaces that allow us to make our authorities aware of what our problems are. Today we come to submit a request to repair the road in the community of Cedro Galán 3, where the road deteriorates with the winter. so much so that it makes vehicular and pedestrian passage impossible,” said Patricia Cortez, a resident of the Nejapa region.

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