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Merchants from the Israel Lewites market receive recognition in celebration of its 44th anniversary

With the presentation of recognition to the founders of the Israel Lewites market, COMMEMA authorities and the Merchants Association celebrated the 44th anniversary of this popular shopping center on the morning of this Friday, October 20.

Comrade Freddy Casco, General Director of COMMEMA, highlighted the work and legacy of the founding merchants of this market.

“Today is a special day for this market, today is a day that celebrates the 44th anniversary of 40 merchants being transferred from the South Highway, today we are 1,340 merchants in this capital shopping center, it has become more dynamic , has grown and is going to spread,” reported Casco.

He also shared that important works will continue to be carried out and they are already prepared with more projects for 2024, "conditions are being created to end the year with a prettier, cleaner and safer market."

The honored merchants expressed their gratitude to the Sandinista Government for providing them with better working conditions, “choosing this place to open a market and give a roof to the single mothers who walked with their children in the rain, that is a great blessing.” , to have a President who loves his people and we appreciate that,” said founder Angela Vega.

The Israel Lewites market has an area of 8 blocks and is known for the sale of seafood, in addition to being a bus terminal that travels to the west of the country.

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