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Family from the Nueva Nicaragua neighborhood has a roof over their heads again

A new hope came to the family of the protagonist José Alberto González Flores, a resident of the Nueva Nicaragua neighborhood, in District V, who recently lost his home due to a fire and on the afternoon of this Thursday, October 19, received the keys to his home, built by the municipality, through the Decent Housing Program.

The delivery was attended by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who reported that this family has lived in this neighborhood for 13 years and were affected by this tragedy, which was attended to immediately, being house number 12 that is delivered in this sector, "from the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power we maintain the permanent commitment to guarantee in our investment plans, strategic programs, such as Solidarity Housing."

To monitor the programs and projects, the capital official invited families to participate in the Consultations of the Preliminary Draft General Budget of Income and Expenditures for the year 2024, which began with the district councils.

“It is important that these programs have continuity, because we have more vulnerable families, whom we have to reach, thank God and the trust of all the capital's residents, we have a budget proposal that has been historic, more than 12 billion córdobas ”, stated Porras.

With great faith, the protagonist González thanked for all the support provided, "from the first day the Mayor's Office has not stopped working in our little house, thank God in 15 days, from Sunday to Sunday they have been working under water, under the sun." When I came our little house was in ashes, unrecognizable and they worked very quickly.”

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