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Capital authorities present the Preliminary Draft of the General Budget of Income and Expenditures 2024

During an Extraordinary Session of the Honorable Council of Managua, the morning of this Saturday, October 14, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado presented the Draft Municipal General Budget for Income and Expenditures corresponding to the year 2024, with a projection of 12 thousand 104 million 277 thousand 475 córdobas.

In this presentation, Mayor Rueda reported that this Preliminary Project will be consulted by families, through the district councils, “from 2009 to date, consulting with the population, we have never carried out a project that was not consulted with the families and this Draft Project reflects the political will of our Good Government, wisely directed by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Comrade Rosario Murillo.”

At the same time, he shared that the Good Government has been improving living conditions in each of the budgets, changing Managua, among other important projects such as social housing, which are part of the restitution of families' rights.

The Session was composed of two points, the Presentation of the Draft General Budget of Income and Expenditures and its Annual Investment Plan 2024 and the Approval of the Municipal Resolution for the Call for Consultative Councils, were approved unanimously.

The Consultative Town Halls will begin on Wednesday, October 18 at the Sports Court in the Máximo Jerez neighborhood of District I; on Friday, October 20, the Sports Court of the Heroes and Martyrs of Batahola Park in District II; on Wednesday, October 25 at the Multipurpose Court of the Melania Morales Special Education Center of District III; on Thursday, October 26 in the Auditorium of the Maestro Gabriel National Institute of District IV; on Monday, October 30 at the Sports Court of the 14 de Septiembre Public School of District V; on Wednesday, November 1 at the “Leones Azules” Combat Gym, District VI Delegation and on Tuesday, November 7 at the Comandante Carlos Fonseca Amador Sports Complex Court, Villa Flor Norte of District VII.

All Town Hall Meetings will begin at 4:00 in the afternoon, except for the last one in District VII, which will take place at 6:00 in the afternoon, where the entire population will be able to provide their contributions, with project proposals of the Common Good, to continue making Managua more Capital.

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