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Athletes participate in zumbathon in the month to fight breast cancer

In commemoration of the World Day to fight breast cancer, which takes place every October 19, the Managua Mayor's Office held a zumbathon in which more than 200 women participated, who practice sports in all municipal academies,

During the event held in the Japan-Nicaragua Park, the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, reported that during the month of October various activities will be carried out in solidarity with cancer patients, who fight this disease every day.

“Today many women are fighting the battle against breast cancer and that is why the Sandinista Government is there to care for women, through the different hospitals, where with the early detection of cancer more lives are saved, our Government has managed to claim the right of the woman who fights against cancer, through all the hospitals that today have all the conditions for care before, during and after their treatments,” Porras highlighted.

Lauren Morales, who practices at the indoor volleyball academy, is 15 years old and she, along with her fellow trainees, participated in the zumbathon to accompany these women from a distance.

“Today we are dancing on behalf of the patients who suffer from this horrible disease and who are undergoing strong treatment, we must all encourage them, so that they do not feel alone,” said Morales.

Sherling Vega, plays soccer in the first division and for her it is important that women are aware of their health and undergo examinations, "today we provide moral support to women around the world who have this disease and we must all take care of ourselves, be “Pending our health, a timely check-up can save a life.”

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