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First meeting of Houses of Culture and Creativity Otto de la Rocha and Alejandro Cuadra

An event full of history, culture and art was what the 95 boys and girls experienced at the first meeting of the Otto de la Rocha and Alejandro Cuadra Houses of Culture and Creativity, organized by the municipality, on the afternoon of this Wednesday, October 11 .

The festival took place within the framework of the “Day of Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance”, who were the first to defend the sovereignty and freedom of our people, said the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

"Today we are celebrating the fruit that we see in our Houses of Culture and Creativity, houses that have academies of dance, music and culture of our country, today girls and boys between the ages of 5 to 12 years are part of this commemoration, paying honor to our old generations who were in the fight, thanks to these new values implemented by our Sandinista Government, we rescue the history and culture of all our ancestors,” Porras said.

For his part, Elvin Vanegas, head of the Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity, invited the population to be part of this academy, “registration is completely free, we have qualified personnel so that children can develop in these artistic disciplines. and we are already preparing to start the new course next year.”

During the celebration, India and Cacique de la Dignidad were chosen, who were Sara Sequeira from the Bayardo Ortiz Pérez dance school and Jeffrey Alexander Vallejos from the El Mestizaje folkloric ballet school.

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