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Georgino Andrade Baseball Team from District VII receives sports equipment

With the delivery of sports equipment to the teams of the Georgino Andrade baseball academy of District VII, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua paid a well-deserved tribute to the Journalist and Sports Chronicler, Virginia de los Ángeles Lovo Chávez (RIP), the afternoon this Wednesday, September 11.

The solemn ceremony was presided over by the Vice Mayor, Enrique Armas Rosales, who reported that, thanks to the support provided by the Good Government in the discipline of baseball, gloves, bats, balls, catcher's gear, base sets, among others, were handed out. other useful.

“Dedicating this activity to our colleague, athlete, Virginia Lovo, fellow chronicler of our television media, outstanding first division soccer player, who today has moved on to another plane of life, she always gave coverage to these activities and we are dedicating this today in memory of Virginia, whom we appreciate very much,” said Armas.

He also highlighted that there are currently 13 academies of the beautiful sport in the capital and that everything is thanks to these efforts, so that the generations can develop and be great representatives of Nicaragua in the world championships.

José Membreño Martínez, 15 years old, thanked the Georgino Andrade sports academy for opening its doors and giving him the opportunity to be part of this team.

"Thank you for giving us these tools so we can enjoy baseball, we hope to go to the end, from the smallest to the largest can be a professional and encourage all young people to achieve their dreams, of reaching the first division of the selection and represent Nicaragua, because we are a source of pride for our team and family,” said Membreño.

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