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The “Bayardo Ortiz” House of Culture and Creativity opens its doors

A new space to preserve and promote the cultural traditions of the entire country, was inaugurated by the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, this Friday, October 6, the Bayardo Ortiz House of Culture and Creativity, located in District V.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that this year different schools have been inaugurated, “this new one with which tribute is being paid to teacher Bayardo Ortiz, definitely one of the most complete, here in the heart from the Roberto Huembes market this school, because it will give the children of the market merchants the opportunity to come and study music, piano, art.”

This new House of Culture and Creativity will have several rooms, where marimba, guitar and percussion classes will be taught, there will be a museum of traditions that will be an important educational and cultural appreciation center, which will generate a positive impact on tourism, attracting visitors. interested in exploring and experiencing the authenticity of Nicaraguan culture.

It will also have an audiovisual and immersive area, which will be essential to preserve, teach and share the authentic expressions of the local identity of Managua, which at the same time will strengthen the social fabric and promote cultural tourism.

Wilmor López, Cultural Affairs Advisor to the Presidency, said that the Houses of Culture and Creativity that have been inaugurated in Managua fill a void in the culture that previously existed, “today's Houses of Culture are houses that are practically the face and heart of the people of Nicaragua with their folkloric expressions, all specifically dance, music and theater constitute a fundamental pillar in our creation, but the House of Culture of Traditions, such as this one, is more emblematic, because here they have everything the country".

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