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Water and Sanitation Project brings well-being to families in the Benedicto Valverde neighborhood

The inhabitants of zone one, of the Benedicto Valverde neighborhood, located in District IV, inaugurated with a folkloric gala, the water and sanitation project that the municipality built, through the Annual Investment Plan.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales explained to the residents that this is the second stage of the project and that next year the third stage will be carried out, with which the neighborhood will be 100 percent connected to a modern and efficient health system.

Also, he announced that this project has several components, "in the drainage, 4 manholes were built, 2 alleys were lined with hydraulic concrete, 168 linear meters of sanitary pipe and 168 meters of drinking water pipe and the connection were installed. of 28 families to both basic services.”

Likewise, he stated that Benedicto Valverde is a large neighborhood and a large part did not have a health system or paved streets and to transform that reality into decent conditions, the Good Government in recent years has built 107 decent homes, plus the investment of 50 million córdobas in different projects.

Rommel Castillo has been living in this neighborhood for 20 years and he, along with the 500 protagonists who benefited from the work, celebrate this new restitution of rights.

“We are more than happy with our Commander, because here we had an artisanal sewage pipe, here in this alley it was a disaster, when winter came, all the diseases came from here, the bad smell that came out of the pipe was horrible "Not to mention that the water got into the houses, look now how beautiful everything turned out," said Castillo.

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