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The first 250 buses from the People's Republic of China arrive in Managua

Celebrating Victorious October, the first 250 buses entered Managua, out of a total of 1,500 units from the People's Republic of China, which come to improve and expand the vehicle fleet of urban collective transportation.

The first 250 buses will be distributed in the Municipalities of Managua and Ciudad Sandino, 117 units will be distributed in 16 cooperatives in the capital city, to expand their fleet of buses and 133 will be distributed in 6 cooperatives in Ciudad Sandino, with which the total change of its units.

The remaining 1,500 units of collective urban transport from the People's Republic of China will enter the country in the following months and another 250 buses will arrive next month.

With these 250 buses, there are 3 thousand units with which the public transportation model in Nicaragua has been equipped, transformed and improved.

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