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Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity holds a music concert

This Monday, October 2, the Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity held a concert in which the students participated along with the teachers of the Víctor M. Leiva music school, where the piano, guitar, percussion and singing, they performed songs in Spanish and English, to demonstrate the progress in their learning.

Comrade Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Municipal Council, indicated that this School is part of the Good Government strategy, to guarantee the restitution of rights and open spaces for recreation and culture, where new generations of Nicaraguan artists can be trained.

“This afternoon is for singing, dedicated to all those students who came since the first registrations here at Casa Otto de la Rocha, we have 5 arts schools, which serve more than 285 children, adolescents, young people and adults” Porras reported.

Likewise, he highlighted that the courses are completely free with flexible schedules in music, singing, plastic arts, ballet and theater courses.

Miguel Ángel Oviedo is a percussion teacher and as a teacher he explains that one of the great advantages that students have today is that the Good Government guarantees an instrument for each student in this house of culture.

 “A school that is inclusive, is for all children, for all young people, here we try to ensure that everyone has the ability to learn to play all instruments, this concert is a demonstration of what the kids have learned all these months,” Oviedo expressed.

One of the students of this House of Culture is Eduardo Pineda and he stated that here they are given the opportunity to experience art, music and culture, apart from the fact that it is free and the facilities are very good.

“I am a piano and guitar student, I like being here, because the teachers treat us with love, they teach us with patience, here we all feel at home,” said Pineda.

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