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Managua celebrates the first edition of the Departmental Corn Festival

In celebration of the Xilonem Corn Festival, the Good Government held the first edition of the Departmental Corn Festival, with the participation of more than 55 entrepreneurs from the different municipalities of Managua, on the afternoon of this Saturday, September 30 on the Paseo de los Students.

This event full of culture and tradition was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who reported that the festival featured a parade of floats accompanied by the queens of the municipalities, traveling along Bolívar Avenue to the Paseo de los Estudiantes.

“We are very happy to receive all our brothers and sisters, the families of the different municipalities of the department of Managua and we are proud to honor our ancestors for this wonderful heritage, such as the sustenance of life El Maíz que speaks for For us Nicaraguans, it is our traditional food,” said Rueda.

Likewise, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Family Economy, José Benito Aragón, announced that the activity was organized by a group of institutions such as the National System of Production, Consumption and Commerce, the National Commission of Creative and Orange Economy, local governments and INIFOM .

“The Commander declared through the executive decree, on September 26, as National Corn Day, we join our efforts so that this first edition is a day, not a day, but we are not only in the festival, we are also providing support productive to continue rescuing corn production, which is a source of employment for almost 200 thousand families in the country, families that produce 8.6 million quintals of corn,” Aragón added.

The entrepreneurs made foods based on this ancient grain, including tortillas, güirilas, nacatamales, old Indian, yoltamal and drinks such as chicha, pinolillo and tiste.

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