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Third date of the Karate Championship brings together more than 150 athletes

The gymnasium of the Nicaraguan Sports Institute became the scene of the Third Date of the Karate Championship, an event that brought together more than 150 athletes from 10 academies in the municipality, as part of the Youth Games held in the capital of the Central American sport.

"Today the final qualifiers for the month of November are coming out, having the last date and the winners of this tournament, which little by little has become a party for karate, this has been achieved thanks to the determined support of the Federation of Karate and especially the technical part that has supported this event,” shared Noel González, Sports Director of the municipality.

Emotions ran high as the competitors took to the tatami, demonstrating their techniques and strategies perfected through arduous training. Every movement, every blow and every block was a sample of the passion and discipline that these young athletes cultivated during training.

There are more than 20 sports disciplines that make up the Managua 2023 Youth Games, a healthy recreation space for young athletes, created by the Managua Mayor's Office and the Good Government.

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