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Streets for the People Program builds more blocks in neighborhoods of the capital

The works in the capital do not stop, the municipality, through the Streets for the People 2023 Program, inaugurated the paving of 6 blocks in the Villa Venezuela neighborhood of District VII of Managua.

These new blocks significantly improve the living conditions of 7,028 families in this community, who previously lived in vulnerable conditions and exposed to diseases, due to the adversity of the climate, dust clouds and ponds.

The opening ceremony was attended by Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who reported that to date the Streets for the People Program has made progress of 51.84 percent with 532 blocks served.

He also added that at the municipal level this emblematic program will execute 151 road improvement projects in 105 neighborhoods of Managua and plans to serve 1,027 blocks; Of them, 927 blocks will be paved with asphalt and 100 blocks with hydraulic concrete, which adds up to an investment of 2,440 million córdobas.

In this community, the Good Government has invested an amount greater than 35 million córdobas in road improvement works, sanitary sewage, storm drainage and the construction of 19 decent homes, from 2009 to date.

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