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Capital community enables new transfer center for solid waste in District VI

Contributing to the care of Mother Earth and for a cleaner city, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua enabled a new transfer center in the Villa Vallarta neighborhood of District VI, at the same time it held an Environmental Fair and a Day of Veterinary Care for horses , the morning of this Friday, September 29.

The activity was chaired by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who shared that this program promotes environmental education and consists of making independent workers (owners of horse-drawn carts) aware of good waste management. solids.

“We are starting a necessary project, because we are going to guarantee the elimination of illegal dumps that have become sites of diseases, which do not give a good image to our city, such as the dumps in Villa Progreso, Villa Reconciliación Sur and Waspán Norte ”reported Porras.

The Secretary of the Capital Council added that a new authorized solid waste deposit point for the truck sector was enabled in Villa Vallarta, providing care for families and horses.

Mauricio Díaz, Director of the Environment and General Manager of the Municipal Company for Comprehensive Solid Waste Treatment (Emtrides), expressed that this project is another effort carried out by the municipality, as part of the Clean City, Capital of All Campaign.

“We also want to make this site attractive to our colleagues who help us with public cleaning, the fellow cart drivers, we are enabling them to bring their horses, have somewhere to drink water, at the same time when they come to throw away their waste, "For the service that you provide, you can market it, with Emtrides you are ensuring that you are given a fair, favorable price for recyclable materials, so that you do not have to go throw away on any corner and that you are not subject to any fines." Diaz said.

The independent workers were satisfied with the attention their horses received, “I am very delighted, I can't afford to buy it and at least our President is giving it to me, putting something on my horse is what gives me to live and for that I am grateful,” said the protagonist Justo Vanegas.

As care and attention to the health of the horses, veterinary care was provided, completely free of charge, which included dewormers, vitamins and skin care.

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