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Housing Program benefits family affected by strong winds in the Esquipulas Region

The Good Government of the People President, provided an immediate response to the protagonist María Magdalena Díaz and her family, who lost their home in the Esquipulas region of District V.

During the delivery, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales reiterated the Sandinista Government's commitment to providing support to families who are exposed to vulnerable situations.

“By instructions from Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, we are delivering this decent home to Comrade María Magdalena, due to the situation she had to live in a little less than a month ago, when her little house was destroyed by a gigantic tree, this is the house number 12 that is built with the program in the region,” Armas explained.

The protagonist, Díaz, is elderly. At the time of the emergency, her three granddaughters and her daughter were with her.

“I thank Commander Daniel for this support, thanks to God and to him who has a good heart, who cares about the families that we have to go through situations like this, that day the tree fell on us the mayor's office immediately came to see As we were, they helped us get out and in less than a month they built our house,” said Díaz.

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