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Capital authorities inaugurate expansion and remodeling works at the Villa Libertad CDI

To provide quality care to the families of District VII, the municipality carried out remodeling, expansion and equipment works at the “Villa Libertad” Child Development Center, which has an enrollment of 45 children. These works will expand the attention capacity for 120 infants, between the ages of 1 and 5 years.

The municipality of Managua has a network of 39 child development centers, of which 16 are managed by the Mayor's Office in coordination with the Ministry of the Family and the Ministry of Health.

The rehabilitation and expansion works of the Villa Libertad CDI had an investment of approximately 11 million córdobas and consisted of the construction of a new room, a bathroom, a play area, the remodeling of 2 staff bathrooms, 2 children's bathrooms , restoration of kitchen, dining area, installation of urinals, sinks, a shower, children's changing table, change of electrical system, spark plugs, extinguishers, change of sewage pipe, storm water, meshing; in addition to the purchase of a television, a computer, an industrial kitchen, a freezer, a refrigerator, kitchen utensils, a desk, 3 filing cabinets, shelves of teaching materials and toys.

This inauguration was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who explained that this program is a very sensitive and important issue for the comprehensive development of children and even more so for families, “because this is not only for the protagonists, boys and girls, but to the family nucleus; This has been a concern of our Good Government, early care for children aged 1 to 5 years and today a total remodeling of the Villa Libertad Development Center, where here we are initially serving 45 children, but with this remodeling and expansion, Now we are going to be serving a little more than 120 children, starting in 2024.”

This delivery was also attended by colleagues Edelys Abreu, Director of the FED Juventud Foundation and Johana Flores Jiménez, Minister of the Family.

For the Good Government, this child care program is a priority. In 2007, Nicaragua had 32 child development centers nationwide. To date, it has 276 centers serving Nicaraguan families, reported the Minister of the Family. , “Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario implemented actions to expand care coverage.”

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