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Storm Drainage Project begins in the second stage of the Vistas del Xolotlán neighborhood

The Mayor's Office of Managua began the installation of a storm drainage system in the second stage of the Vistas del Xolotlán neighborhood, located in District VII. The work is part of the Annual Investment Plan and was designed to eliminate a flooding point that affected to 15 homes.

During a works supervision tour, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado informed the residents that this project has necessary complementary works to prevent water stagnation.

“In terms of storm drainage, this project is very important, we are installing 24 meters of 42-inch pipe, in addition to the lining of two gutters, prior to this we had to build a collector to channel the waters that hit the front of 5 houses "In this area, most of the homes were flooded," reported Mayor Rueda.

Also, he shared with the protagonists the permanent commitment of the Good Government to improve the living conditions for the inhabitants of the neighborhood, which has implied, in recent years, the investment of more than 36 million córdobas in sanitary and storm drainage and improvement projects. road, which benefit more than 4 thousand inhabitants.

The protagonist, María García Jarquin, has lived in the neighborhood for 22 years and from now on she will feel safer.

“We are grateful to Commander Daniel, because we are no longer going to be in danger, the waters that come from District V flow through this street and every time it rained we had to be careful to help each other, the water stagnated and we had to The Mayor's Office is coming to help us, but with that new pipe and gutters the current will no longer come this way,” García stated.

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