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Managua opens House of Culture and Creativity for the Plastic Arts

For more spaces for artistic, creative and innovative development, for socialization and the strengthening of national identity, the Good Government through the Municipality inaugurated the Arnoldo Guillén House of Culture and Creativity, located in the Larreynaga neighborhood of District IV.

The creation of the Arnoldo Guillén House of Culture and Creativity responds to the need to offer a space for training and artistic expression accessible to the community, where the appreciation of the plastic and performing arts is encouraged.

“It is a joy to have you here and to share with the entire family of this sector and all those who have come, especially the family of our friend, brother, teacher Arnoldo Guilén. We see this heritage with the teachers who will be with many children who attend this house of culture,” shared Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

This House of Culture was opened with the mission of enriching the cultural fabric of the city of Managua and its surroundings, providing an inclusive and stimulating space for training and artistic expression in theater and plastic arts.

In addition, it seeks to promote the cultural and personal growth of the participants, contributing to the development of a more creative and cohesive community for the growth of new Nicaraguan artists.

Milton Guillén, son of Maestro Guillén, expressed his satisfaction, “we feel honored and happy because my father Arnoldo Guillén, he said that the revolution is this, making people know art, develop in art, because that sensitizes the soul".

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