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Roberto Huembes Market with better access, streets and commercial spaces

Giving continuity to the works in the capital markets, on the morning of this Friday, September 22, municipal authorities visited the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, in order to share with the merchants and supervise the work carried out in this populous shopping center.

The accompaniment and supervision visit was chaired by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Council of Managua and colleague Freddy Casco, General Director of the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua (COMMEMA), who also delivered a solidarity tranche and the exoneration rental fee to Mrs. Evelia García López, with more than 40 years of selling vegetables in this market.

During the tour, the Secretary of the Managua Council announced that the common good works carried out in this market are with the objective of providing better working conditions to merchants who work in the 3,260 fixed and temporary sections.

Likewise, he explained that in the Las Verduras sector, rainwater previously ran down the platform, but with the project to construct a storm drainage channel, this problem was solved. He also expressed that other works have been carried out, such as the installation of gates at the different entrances and the replacement of the domes in the central nave.

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