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Project in progress will bring well-being to families in the Laureles Sur neighborhood

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, carried out a supervision visit to the storm drainage project using gutter lining on the morning of this Thursday, September 21, which is being carried out in the Laureles Sur neighborhood, located in District VII.

Porras reported that the work is one of the largest in this district and that it is part of the 2023 Annual Investment Plan, with an amount that amounts to 11 million córdobas.

"With this project we are going to serve more than 30 families from a sector called La Finquita, who are originally from all these neighborhoods, which suffer floods year after year and are practically cut off. It is the first stage and will consist of the construction of a discharge of more than 14 meters long and that is more or less deep up to 2.5 meters, with this the waters of this street will be captured, it will be an open-air channel of more than 70 meters and a transfer that will collect water from the other street, more or less 40 meters until connecting it to its origin,” Porras explained. 

Likewise, he pointed out that the work is also part of the Winter Plan and that this year large investments are being made in Managua in iinfrastructure, protection and mitigation, such as construction of microdams, gutters, drains and grills, with an investment totaling 700 million córdobas.

Rosa Blandón, a resident of this neighborhood, said that the project is of great benefit and well-being, since there was no access, "if it rained we were locked in and couldn't get out, those who came out couldn't get in, there were floods, but thank God "Our Good Government has been able to bring about this great project, because thank God it will prevent us from having loss of human life." 

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