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Residents of the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood enjoy 6 new, modern and safe blocks

After 39 years of waiting, the inhabitants of the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, located in District III, celebrated the delivery of 6 new blocks of road network with an artistic gala. The project was executed through the Annual Investment Plan and the Streets Program for the People, benefiting more than 2 thousand protagonists, with an investment of 4 million 260 thousand 062 córdobas, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the inauguration.

"We are delivering 3 blocks of asphalt and 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete, the residents are happy with their new streets, which will completely change the face of the neighborhood, with the delivery of this work, the Streets for the People Program reaches 51 percent percent progress, with 523 blocks completed, our Good Government, to date, has invested 21 million 43 thousand 696 córdobas in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, in road improvement works and we have built 7 homes that have benefited families who were in risk of vulnerability,” said Armas.

The capital official shared with the protagonists that, for this year, Good Government through Streets for the People, will build 46 new blocks in District III, with an investment of 35.6 million córdobas.

The streets in this neighborhood have very steep slopes, which causes erosion in the winter season. To reduce the vulnerability of the area and guarantee better mobility, they are being covered little by little. Mrs. Juana Rosalía Belli, who is elderly, feels happy, because from now on she will be able to leave her house without any problem, in her wheelchair.

“Thanks to God, our Commander and Compañera Rosario today we are happy, because we waited 39 years to see this dream, today I can go out alone for a walk, to the sale, to church, without my children pushing me "That was impossible before, because the streets were useless, they were big holes, people had to put bags with dirt to fill them and now look how beautiful they are," said Belli.

For this year, the municipality with the Annual Investment Plan will be investing 31 million córdobas in road, storm drainage, and sanitary drainage projects, benefiting 15 neighborhoods and 2 regions.

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