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Drum and Percussion Master Class brings together musicians from different parts of the country

The first music Master Class aimed at amateurs and professionals who love percussion and drums, was held by the municipality with the aim of sharing experiences and concerns about this musical instrument. The event was held in the Parque Las Madres auditorium.

Griselda Rivas, Director of Culture of the municipality, shared that the Master Class was held in order to strengthen the community of drummers, drummers and percussionists.

“Drums and percussion are not only a talent, they are also a skill, a technique that has to be perfected, we want our musicians to be able to manage their resources in a better way, how to use them, how to change the scrolls, this event seeks to strengthen to music students and further promote the creative economy strategy in our Creative City, Managua,” said Rivas.

International artists were present at this event, such as: the drummers and percussionists from Costa Rica, David Rodas and André Salas, and from Nicaragua, the great master of drums and repercussion Miguel Ángel Oviedo and Josué Isaí López, a great promoter who supports the development of culture and art, working hard on musical growth.

According to maestro Oviedo, Master Class is important to know what the new trends are in music today.

“We are going to know what the sound is like and the styles with which it is perfected, so we give thanks for the strengthening of the musicians and percussionists of Nicaragua, today we want to promote the generational change of all the percussionists and with this Master Class and this new Aquarian technology is going to give it incredible sound,” Oviedo mentioned.

“We are happy and happy, thanking the support of our authorities for opening these very important spaces, which contribute a lot to the musical development of children, young people and even professionals,” were the words of gratitude from Tony Vásquez, drum teacher.

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