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Road infrastructure work connects neighborhoods in districts V and VII

Municipal authorities, together with the inhabitants of the Villa Cuba neighborhood, inaugurated on the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 12, the asphalt coating of 7 long streets, through the emblematic Streets for the People Program, which guarantees well-being and future for the capital's families.

The road infrastructure work was delivered by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who reported that the project is an alternative means of communication between different neighborhoods in districts V and VII.

“We are delivering to the families of the Villa Cuba neighborhood of District V of our capital, the security of 7 new blocks, to exactly 744 protagonists, we are talking about 100 families in this sector, this delivery allows us to improve the quality of life that for many families have longed for for years,” said Porras.

Likewise, he highlighted that, with the delivery of this project, the Streets for the People Program is advancing successfully with 50.01 percent, which means 512.62 blocks delivered, in Managua alone, of the 1,027 streets projected to be delivered this year 2023.

Martha Flores, a resident of the neighborhood, stated that this project is a blessing from God and support from the Sandinista Government, “here it was a flood, when we left work we had to walk over mud, puddles and the children arrived at school muddy, these streets "We receive them with open hands and thanks to our Commander and our Companion Rosario Murillo for thinking about the people."

The road improvement project had an investment of 3 million 833 thousand 760 córdobas and for this year the municipality in this District V will invest more than 40 million córdobas in 20 projects, with the Streets for the People Program.

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