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Nicaragua wins bronze medal in the Central American Major Women's Volleyball Cup

Pure adrenaline was experienced the night of this Tuesday, September 12, with the last two matches of the Central American Women's Volleyball Cup (AFECAVOL) at the Alexis Arguello Sports Center.

Managua, Capital of Central American Sports, for the second time hosted the twenty-second edition of the sporting event from which Costa Rica emerged victorious with a gold medal, Honduras with a silver medal and Nicaragua with a bronze medal.

During the awards ceremony, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted the preparation of the national team and the attendance of an impressive audience, who came to the Sports Center for 7 days to accompany the Nicaraguan team.

“We have had a great tournament where Costa Rica showed that it has the best volleyball in the area and Nicaragua takes a bronze medal with a silver flavor, what a nice closing with the Belize team, great performance by the girls of the national team, remember that They are hardworking girls, some work, many study at university and some are already mothers,” said Armas.

René Quintana, who is the coach of the national team, stated that he was always certain that Nicaragua would be present among the finalists of the Cup, where 7 countries participated.

“All the credit goes to my athletes, they are hard-working and disciplined girls when it comes to training, making the maximum effort and the public deserves recognition that they were faithful supporting the team all week, encouraging and giving them strength,” said Quintana. .

Lolette Rodríguez, who has a long and successful career in volleyball and who was crowned Central American champion in beach volleyball, thanked the public for the trust they had in the team.

“For me it is a pride and honor to represent my country, I am very excited and happy to play at home, to have all this audience that is another player on the field, I feel proud to carry the flag of Nicaragua and happy that Let's be on the podium,” said Rodríguez, one of the players with great experience in the national team.

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