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The construction of 6 blocks in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood is progressing at a good pace

Reaching more neighborhoods of the capital, this Monday, September 11, capital authorities supervised a road improvement project of 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete, through the Annual Investment Plan and 3 blocks of asphalt with the Streets for the People Program in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood of District III.

The families of this sector value their new streets as a miracle and a great benefit, because in the winter time it was not possible to travel, "people here fell, fractured, this was impassable, thank God today we have some decent, beautiful and beautiful streets, thanks to our Good Government,” said the protagonist Juan Carlos González.

This visit was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who reported that the work will benefit 2,052 inhabitants and has a total investment of 4 million 260 thousand 062 córdobas, which will guarantee well-being and future for 373 families in this community.

"They will be ready next week, this project was greatly requested by families through the municipal councils, because we had serious problems in the winter time, it was a street with a channel, by the grace of God, now with this project to the families We already bring you well-being, our Good Government of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, concerned about the safety of families,” said the capital city councilor.

Mayor Rueda added that in District III alone, the municipality with the Streets for the People Program will build 46 new blocks, with an investment of 35.6 million córdobas.

To date, this emblematic street program has made progress of 50.01 percent, with 512.62 blocks built in the different neighborhoods, of the 1,027 projected for this year.

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