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Huipil costumes and uniforms for school parades on promotion in the capital markets

In commemoration of National Huipil Day, merchants from the Oriental market presented offers and promotions on folkloric costumes and uniforms for school parades in greeting to the national month.

The merchants were accompanied by building authorities, who toured the different commercial sections that offer these seasonal products.

This visit was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that this activity is part of the accompaniment and support provided to the merchants of the different municipal markets.

“We have spoken with merchants and they have told us that sales have been much better than in previous years and that parents are buying more pants, uniforms, and academic excellence bands,” said Armas.

Also, he announced that this market has more than 12 thousand fixed sections, with an average of 200 thousand workers per day and these figures increase on holidays.

For his part, the merchant Cairo Martínez expressed that there were no variations in last year's prices, shirts at 200 córdobas, pants at 250 córdobas and small huipil suits from 350 córdobas; Therefore, he invited families to make their purchases in the municipal markets, where they will find the best prices.

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