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More than 600 students participated in the celebration of the Nicaraguan National Huipil Day

In a magical night full of art, folk music and colorful costumes, the bride of the , the event took place in Plaza Soberanía, in front of the National Palace of Culture.

The promotion and festivities of the National Huipil Day were in charge of the National Commission for Creative and Orange Commendation of the Presidency of the Republic. Its General Coordinator, Compañero Camila Ortega, explained that this festivity was held simultaneously throughout the territory. Nicaraguan.

“The entire country has dressed today in the traditional colors of our huipils. Parades and catwalks have been celebrated on this special day in all the municipalities of the country. Here we have more than 600 boys, girls and young people who wear the huipil with so much love. Nicaraguan, celebrating our beloved Nicaragua with a wealth of culture,” shared Compañero Camila Ortega.

The teachers of generations Blanca Guardado and Ronald Abud Vivas, were in charge of starting the waste of culture, with a masterful dance.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, member of the commission in charge of promoting huipil celebrations, reaffirmed once again that the government's commitment is to strengthen culture and national identity.

“With this demonstration of patriotism we see the inter-institutional results, today we saw how all corners of the country proudly celebrated our cultural identity,” said the mayor of the capital.

Every September 8, Nicaraguans will celebrate the declaration of the huipil as Cultural Heritage of the Nation, an initiative of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, which promotes the rescue, development and strengthening of culture, social and ethnic expression.

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