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Capital community will build two new warehouses in the Mayoreo market

At the beginning of the National Month, the Mayor's Office of Managua made the first moves to build two warehouses in the Mayoreo market, which will benefit merchants who for years have dreamed of having a nice and safe place to work and serve their clients, as well as This was reported by the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, during a supervision tour of this shopping center.

"We installed new gates at different access points in the market, in the same way we will make very significant investments that amount to 16 million córdobas, in the execution of two more projects, in this way we have been fulfilling our commitment to guarantee better conditions to the merchants,” said Porras.

Freddy Casco, General Director of COMMEMA, informed the workers of this shopping center that infrastructure and road works will be carried out that benefit 1,600 protagonists, owners of sections and the thousands of visitors who arrive daily.

"We are going to build the Masayas' warehouse that will benefit 40 merchants and we are going to build another warehouse on the south side of the main entrance, which will benefit 41 merchants in the Riviera sector. We are also going to invest in the paving of the internal streets and we are going to make the main access entrance beautiful with the installation of new gates,” reported Casco.

With the execution of these projects, the Good Government will be guaranteeing the restitution of the rights of merchants to work in decent and safe conditions that benefit both merchants and consumers.

In this second semester, the municipality also began the necessary steps to purchase three new garbage collection trucks, which will benefit the Mayoreo, Roberto Huembes and Iván Montenegro markets.

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