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Merchants in the capital markets plan to sell 500 million córdobas in the national month

The eight capital markets are fully supplied to offer the complete line of uniforms, shoes and typical costumes, for the celebration of the national holidays, next September 14 and 15.

This was reported by the municipal authorities and the merchants' association, during the tour of the Mayoreo market, where fairs, promotions and discounts begin this weekend for the benefit of capital families.

“Starting this weekend, parents can attend the markets to take advantage of the season of promotions, combos and discounts that merchants have prepared so that we can all celebrate the month of dignity with family, the month of our holidays. homelands,” shared the Secretary of the Managua Council, colleague Jennifer Porras López.

The discount fairs will be held in all markets simultaneously, to ensure that parents who have more than two children in schools can buy new uniforms at a good price.

Jorge González, President of the Nicaraguan Merchants Association, confirmed that sales expectations project to exceed last year's figures.

“We have been ready and supplied since August 15, thanks to the work model that our government promotes with these visits to the markets, we are empowered, we have improved our sales and if God allows we will sell about 500 million, exceeding sales last year, which was 400 million,” reported Casco.

If capital families visit the Mayoreo market this weekend, they will be able to find discounts of 30, 40 and 50 percent on pants, shirts and shoes.

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