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Protagonist of the San Sebastián neighborhood receives his new home as a birthday gift

As the best gift on her 60th birthday, the protagonist Rosa Aura Torres Ramírez, a resident of the San Sebastián neighborhood in District II, received the keys to her new house built by the municipality, through the Decent Housing Program.

The keys were handed over on the afternoon of this Thursday, August 31, by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras, who reported that these emblematic programs are being strengthened every day by the Sandinista Government, which prioritizes low-income families.

“We are in district II, in the San Sebastián neighborhood, accompanying this beautiful family that is made up of 4 adults and 2 children who have lived in this sector for more than 23 years and today have the opportunity to see their dream come true. "The delivery of this home means for them to improve their quality of life and improve all security conditions in the event of natural events," said Porras.

At the same time, the capital official added that, in this neighborhood alone, the capital commune has invested more than 4 million córdobas in road improvement projects, storm drainage and mitigation works, eliminating critical points in this sector.

For her part, the protagonist Rosa Torres, expressed that the delivery of her house has been a gift from the central authorities "I received the house as a birthday gift because eight days ago I turned 60 and it is the best thing I have received, the process The request was quick, we were patient and God gave his hand.”

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