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Municipality holds a Conversation on the Huipil Costumes and the Traditional Festivals of Managua

From the Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity, the capital commune held a Conversation on the Huipil Costumes and the Traditional Festivals of Managua, the morning of this Thursday, August 31, in greeting to the national day of the Nicaraguan Huipil, to be celebrated next September 8.

The discussion was led by Professor Elvin Vanegas Obando, Master in Dance and folklorist, who provided a description of the huipil costume for women and men, the use of its accessories, hat, shoes, hairstyle; as well as an exhibition on the clothing and music of the traditional festivities of Managua.

At the same time, Vanegas shared the characteristics of the Huipil, how it was born and its etymological meaning; There was also a conversation about the vaquitas of Santo Domingo, which in the beginning were only promising women who danced in the atrium of the church, now they can do it with men and women who pay their promises.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who accompanied this meeting, reiterated the commitment of Good Government in promoting culture and stated that this activity is a sample of the support that is provided to the conservation and protection of our national identity. , “in this discussion are teachers from all the Houses of Culture of Managua, with the aim of strengthening local and institutional capacities.”

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