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Managua headquarters of the First Latin American Clown BootCamp 2023

Promoting the development of art and culture, the municipality together with Aqua Producciones will hold this August 29 and 30, the First Latin American Clown Bootcamp 2023, with the participation of circus art experts from Central America, who will be providing high-level training, through interactive practical teachings.

The Secretary of the Council of Managua, Compañero Jennifer Porras López, gave the welcome greeting and shared that this training camp is held from Las Madres Park and is aimed at all people who are dedicated to this artistic activity, promoted by the Good Government.

"Today we are receiving more than 50 clowns from Central America and our country, we have visitors from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua, we are participating between 10 and 15 clowns who come from Jinotega, Diriamba, Tipitapa and the different districts of Managua, where they will be able to have the best techniques on how to sell that service, to put their brand on a more professional level,” Porras highlighted.

Xiomara Alvarado, representative of Aqua Producciones y Publicidad, announced that this event takes place from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and has the support of the Good Government and the municipality, “it is aimed at those who wish to come to acquire experiences as tools, train and have the knowledge and above all from professional people who have been clowns for more than 30 years and who come here to teach 18 topics in these two days.”

Among the guests are the Mostacita Clown from Guatemala, the Kapuchi Clown from Costa Rica, the Cholín Clown from Mexico and the Sankis Clown from Nicaragua, who will be sharing their professional and cultural experiences for the production of shows.

“I feel pleased to be in Managua, Nicaragua, where we are in the First BootCamp of what is the performance of workshops, makeup, face painting, balloon twisting, ice breaking, everything that is the field of art of the circus clown,” said the Mostacita Clown.

With this training, the tools for business efficiency will be provided, such as the creation of artistic content, characters, routines, dynamics, the clown as a social brand, the clown business coaching, among others.

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