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San Judas neighborhood of District III reaches 100 percent of its improved streets

Happy to continue serving the people of the capital, authorities of the municipality together with the inhabitants of zone 4 of the San Judas neighborhood celebrated the construction of 3 blocks of road network, a work that had an investment of 2.4 million córdobas and directly benefits thousand 785 protagonists, through the Special Plan of Streets for the People.

With the delivery of these blocks, a new secondary road connection is formed that joins the Vista Hermosa and San Judas neighborhoods and the area's roads are 100 percent improved, benefiting the students and teachers who attend the Melania Morales school and the families who have their children at CDI Roger Deshon.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who informed that to carry out this project, mitigation works were carried out, installing gabion curtains to stop erosion and widening the slopes of the riverbed.

“In this entire sector, thank God, an investment of 13.9 million córdobas has been developed since 2009 in different sanitary and storm drainage projects, road projects that have been very important. And we have that Investment Plan for 15 neighborhoods, which we are going to be serving with 31 million córdobas,” added Porras.

Both the residents and the drivers thanked the Good Government for bringing them the work they had been waiting for for more than 50 years, now they will be able to move from one sector to another without difficulty.

"I am 72 years old, I came from 16 years old and this was impassable, we are already calm because I even fell on those stony, I will now be able to go for a walk with my grandchildren and happy, very beautiful", said the protagonist Eugenia Gámez.

Eddy Escobar, a caponera driver, expressed that the new streets will help them provide a better service to the population, "we are opening streets, facilitating the transportation that we give to people who go to the surrounding neighborhoods, thanks to the President and the Compañera Rosario Murillo, these streets were impassable, you couldn't go anywhere”.

The municipality works day and night with the execution of this emblematic street program in the capital, which has an advance of 42.2 percent with 433 completed blocks.

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