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Soccer academies in the capital inaugurate rehabilitation works on the fields of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park

Full of joy, the teams from the different soccer academies of the municipality, together with Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, inaugurated the rehabilitation project of “Triple Soccer Fields”, located in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park.

This infrastructure work was delivered on the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 22, and consists of the rehabilitation of three fields of this sports discipline, which will allow children to continue developing.

Mayor Rueda reported that the project had an investment of 3 million 611 thousand 077 córdobas, “the lighting towers were completely rehabilitated, which is the artificial grass, the nets of the fields and paintings were completely new, hundreds of children come here ", girls, adolescents to practice from early hours until night, especially the clubs of the different academies that we have."

At the same time, the mayor of the capital highlighted that, for this year through the 2023 Annual Investment Plan, 123 million 600 thousand córdobas will be invested in 80 recreational centers in Managua.

The teams expressed their satisfaction with this work, which will allow them to develop as future soccer professionals.

“I feel happy because I will play here again, they repaired the grass, the goal on the field, everything is beautiful,” said Wasling Polanco.

Luisa Polanco Zapata, with more than two years of playing in this field, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity that the academy offers her, “for allowing me to belong to a women's soccer team and for the support provided by the Good Government so that children, adolescents and young people like me can develop in this sport.”

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