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Juvenile Games holds first qualifying skateboarding competition

The Managua Youth Games held the first qualifying skateboarding competition in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park, where more than 100 athletes participated in the U-14, Youth and Open categories, on the extreme games track of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Park Flowers.

During the event, Compañero Noel González, Director of Sports, of the municipality, explained that the winners of this first meeting will qualify for the grand final to be held in December.

“This Park has become part of our daily life with all the sports disciplines that take place, it is the headquarters of these Youth Games in this category of skateboarding and it will also be part of what is already being prepared in the month of December, which is the grand finale and possibly a Central American one so that the brothers of the region come to enjoy this space that the Good Government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario offers us, in this qualifying competition kids from Managua, Masaya and León are participating Gonzalez reported.

In this first call, the competitions were held in 3 rounds of 2 minutes each and competitors from sub 14 onwards competed with special acrobatic demonstrations.

Alejandra Norori, at the age of 10, participated in the competition representing the Academia Leones Azules, she has been practicing this sport skating for 2 years and this is her third competition.

“Skateboarding is very nice because you are always doing something, if you are sad and you skateboard it clears you up, because you are focused on skating and you can walk freely, for me it is very important to qualify, I fell, I hit my arm, but nothing happens, that's not going to stop me,” said participant Norori.

The skateboarding academy started a year ago with 10 athletes and today it has 35 registered athletes. Training and guaranteeing the safety of the academy members is a priority, explained Noel Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Academy.

“We practice every Saturday and Sunday, we have a team trained to assist athletes in first aid, in case they need it, and first aid and protection kits, skateboards and a psychology area, skaters aged 18 and over and those who have more experience help and supervise the little ones”, added Gutiérrez.

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