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National first division men's volleyball league begins

Last Sunday, August 20, the third edition of the first division men's national volleyball league was inaugurated at the España Sports Center. 300 athletes from all over the country will be participating in this event.

A total of 22 teams will play every weekend for 4 months, as reported by Compañero Noel González, Sports Director of the Municipality.

"The matches will take place every Saturday and Sunday at the venues of Managua, Malpaisillo, Rivas, Chichigalpa, Granada, Matagalpa and Santo Tomás, Chontales. This type of event allows us to give a better background to all our players who represent us both national and international level”, stated González.

The sporting event is organized by the municipality with the support of the Alexis Argüello Sports Movement and the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation, the Nicaraguan Sports Institute and the departmental mayors.

Of the 22 teams, 11 are from the U-19 and the other 11 are from the Major, these being: Real Estelí, UNAN León, Las Panteras de Managua, Los Tiburones de Granada, Jaguares de la UAM, Frente Sur de Rivas, Tigers of Chinandega, UNAN Managua, Lions of the Mayor's Office of Managua, Indigenous people of Matagalpa and Bulls of Chontales.

René Quintana, technical director of the Volleyball Federation, expressed that the progress of the league in these 3 years is admirable.

"The first year we started with 6 teams, last year there were 8, this year 22 and we hope that next year there will be more," Quintana shared.

Daniel Sequeira, National Coordinator of the Alexis Argüello Sports Movement, stated that these young people are a reflection of the selections that have been made in the departments and come to compete in a first-level event.

“All the work that we have been doing is reflected in this type of event, all the neighborhood leagues and the delivery of sports equipment that Commander Daniel guides, everything is reflected in those selections of kids that we do in the departments and that today are competing in this top level event”, added Sequeira.

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