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Athletics discipline in action at the 2023 Youth Games

This Saturday, August 19, the Athletics Championship of the Managua 2023 Youth Games was held, in which children and young people from districts 4 and 5 participated, as well as invited academies such as Granada and Villa El Carmen.

The competition was organized by the Sports Directorate of the municipality, on the synthetic track of the Nicaraguan Sports Institute (IND).

Competitors in the categories U11 (9-10 years), U13 (11-12 years), U15 (13-14 years), U18 (15-16-17 years), U20 (18-19 years) were invited to this sports day. years) over 20 years old and the federated category for high-performance athletes.

“The main objective is to motivate these children to take advantage of this sport and above all to have fun and study,” said Auxiliadora Lacayo, Coordinator of the Athletics Academy of the capital commune.

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