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Alternate routes established in section IV of the San Juan Pablo II Track

When starting the first phase of the Modernization and Expansion of the San Juan Pablo II Runway in section IV, lThe affected zones in this area will be: the sections located between Materiales Rugama to Logix Plaza (formerly group Q) and of the La Robelo traffic lights until 300 meters before reaching the Larreynaga Bridge.

To guarantee road circulation on the North highway, the Collective Urban Transport routes and heavy vehicles will continue their normal route on the North marginal street (double track), while the lanes that go in the direction of East-West and West-East , from the Rolter traffic lights to the Rugama Construction Materials hardware store, will be disabled for road circulation.

In section IV there are currently 9 public transport routes circulating, which will be affected in their route when the construction works begin, these routes are: 101, 108, 112, 114, 120, 123, 165, 170 and 266.

Routes 114 and 120: Coming from the North highway at the Portezuelo overpass, turn 2 blocks to the South on the Solidaridad Track, turn right (West) on the main street of the Santa Rosa neighborhood until you reach the Rubén Darío Track, turning South until you reach the Bello Horizonte roundabout, turn west looking for the traffic lights of El Colonial, arrive at the traffic lights of the Larreynaga bridge on the Resistencia track.

Route 101: From the Eastern or Peripheral Cemetery, head towards the Colonial traffic lights, turn West on Larreynaga Track until you reach the Goe turnstile, deviate 1 c. to the North, turn West looking for the track that passes by the Maestro Gabriel school until you reach Migration and Immigration, continue to the traffic lights of the Tenderí where it follows its normal course.

Route 108:its route was shortened, it leaves the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhood in an easterly direction until it reaches the Santa Clara school, it continues until it reaches the Selim Shible neighborhood, always in an easterly direction, turns to the right looking for the south until it reaches the Portezuelo overpass, turns to turn left towards the West, on the North highway in the marginal street (only enabled lane) continue until the traffic lights of La Robelo, advancing until the El Halcón hardware store or traffic lights where Pepsi was, turn south passing by the Solidaridad hospital, Migration and Immigration, until you reach the traffic lights of the Tenderí, continuing with your normal route.

Route 123: when you get to Portezuelo, turn left to follow the authorized route within the area, leaving the uneven bridge and joining your normal route, passing through the Selim Shible, Santa Clara, Domitila Lugo, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro and San Luis Norte neighborhoods turning south (left) until you reach carreta norte in the enabled section.

Routes 112,170 and 266: These units maintain their normal route using the North marginal road lane, in both directions.

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