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Construction of the Expansion and Modernization Project of the San Juan Pablo II Runway begins

From the Nejapa overpass, the start of the expansion and modernization of sections 1 and 4 of the San Juan Pablo II highway was announced, an engineering work of great importance for the country, due to the fact that it is the most important road corridor in the city of Managua, with 9.6 km in length.

The presentation of this mega work was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and comrade Fidel Moreno, General Secretary of the Managua Mayor's Office, who explained that the expansion of this track contemplates the construction of 5 overpasses; He also pointed out that this work crosses 33 neighborhoods of the city, the track is covered by 22 routes and close to 400 buses, with more than 250 thousand users of the Collective Urban Transport that travel daily this road section of the capital; in addition to the 150,000 vehicles that transit it.

For her part, Mayor Rueda expressed that this work reflects the political will of the Good Government and the main objective of this work is to dignify the lives of families, at the same time she called for understanding, because a work like this, it requires a lot of machinery and earth movement, "our commitment is to continue working hard in the execution of these works of transformation, well-being and security for Nicaraguans."

Section 1 is 2.6km long, from the Nejapa overpass to the traffic lights in the René Cisneros neighborhood and includes the construction of a 10-lane highway; Section 4 extends from the Plásticos Robelo traffic lights to the El Riguero neighborhood traffic lights and includes 2.7km of road, with 8 lanes and the construction of an overpass; Both sections will have a rapid transit bus lane, as well as pedestrian platforms, a bicycle path, lighting fixtures, storm drainage, and a sanitary sewer.

25 thousand trees are added to this track, which will allow harmony with the environment, at the same time it will have 24 bus stations, 6 elevated pedestrian bridges, tactile strips on both sides of the track, for people with disabilities and a network modern traffic light

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