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Launch of the Special Plan for Corn Festivals Xilonem "Fairs and Festivals of Corn, Our Root"

In an emotional meeting and as a gesture of gratitude to Mother Earth that nourishes and sustains Nicaraguan families, the Municipal Mayors with various institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, MEFCCA, INIFOM and the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, held the morning of this Thursday the 17th August in the National Fair Park, the Launch of the Xilonem Corn Festival Special Plan “Fairs and Festivals of Corn, Our Root”.

During the activity, the Director of the National Commission for Creative Economy, Compañero Camila Ortega, emphasized that this activity must highlight the value of corn as a fundamental basis of food and life for Nicaraguan families, as well as as use and consumption, preserving the roots. and customs of our ancestors.

Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, highlighted the importance of this food in the families' diet, due to the large number of products that Nicaraguans have learned to make throughout all this time, to enjoy this exquisite food that we They have loved it.

“We will have an event on September 10 in the municipality of Tipitapa, precisely in the Central Park, on September 17 in the municipality of Ciudad Sandino in the Plaza Miguel Fair Park, in the beautiful municipality of Ticuantepe in the San José Community. Los Ríos, like the brothers from Villa el Carmen, will have activity on September 24 at the Parque de Ferias and in Managua on Avenida Bolívar on September 30,” announced Vice Mayor Armas.

The Xilonem Corn Festivals will be held in 50 municipalities, headed by 19 departments nationwide, where producers, artisans, artists and entrepreneurs from various areas who work around corn.

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