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Sandinista government paves 11 blocks in the Laureles Norte neighborhood

As part of the Streets for the People 2023 Program, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered 11 paved blocks in the Laureles Norte neighborhood, improving the living conditions of 1,800 families in this community in District VII.

The work of the common good was delivered by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced the different projects that the Good Government has carried out in this sector, through road improvement, sanitary sewage, storm drainage and the construction of 16 decent homes, which have transformed and dignified the living conditions of its inhabitants.

“This is the largest project we have with the Streets for the People Program, here in District VII, there are 11 blocks, we are very happy, because it was a demand that we had from the population, but it was also a critical point in this area,” shared Mayor Rueda.

Likewise, he detailed that, with this work, the emblematic program reaches 42.2 percent progress, with 433 blocks of the 1,027 blocks projected to be served throughout the year 2023.

Francisca Rivas Alvarado, a resident of this neighborhood, expressed her gratitude and recalled that the conditions in her community about 10 years ago were difficult, “when I came to live in this neighborhood, there was no drinking water, no electricity, the streets were dirt. and in poor condition, but since the Sandinista Government took office there has been a great transformation in the community, my street is now paved and this is a real demonstration of the commitment to Good Government that we have.”

With this work the face of the Laureles Norte neighborhood is changed and it was received by the residents in an atmosphere of joy, with cultural presentations and a medical day.

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